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​​​​Introducing a brand new state of the art indoor Doggie paradise. All indoors you may ask. You got it all indoors no worries about rain or 105° spoiling your dogs fun because in The Doghouse its a perfect 70° year around.

Do you know Doggie Daycare has many benefits for your favorite fur baby:

I like to compare Doggie Daycare to kindergarten for your favorite fur Baby.  Daycare helps your pup form the building blocks of socialization and behavior, laying the proper ground work for a confident well adjusted and happy dog.

Dogs are social creatures but the social skills dogs need are not just born into them. Every dog needs to be taught how to act in different environments and with in a pack.  Doggie Daycare helps teach pack mentality and reinforces basic commands like sit, stay, leave it, and wait.  

​Benefits of Doggie Daycare:

​*      It's great for socialization! The younger you socialize the better equipped your pup will be when it comes to interacting with strange pups and people.

​*     Provides plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. A tired dog = a happy dog.

​*     Takes the worry out of your long days no need to rush home to potty your pup or worry about a pet sitter coming into your home.

​*     Various attendance options and pricing packages makes Doggie Daycare an affordable option. Your pup will love you for it.